Implisit Undergoes $3.3M Initial Financing

Gemini Israel Ventures led a $3.3 million initial financing round in Implisit, a company that provides a SaaS based product for boosting sales and improving the productivity of sales teams.  Rotem Eldar, Partner at Gemini, joins the company's board of directors following the round.


Implisit has developed a product that introduces a unique intelligence layer to plain vanilla CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. This innovative technology combines full data entry automation and intelligent data mining algorithms to yield important insights to company sales teams. The first element assures that CRM data is always complete and accurate, thus allowing salespeople to enhance their productivity by focusing on sales efforts.


The second element is Implisit's recommendation engine, which points the sales teams to the most pertinent opportunities, while allowing sales managers to better forecast and predict outcomes. 


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