Blackstone Group: WatchDox will be a $1B Company

Blackstone Group CTO William Murphy does not hide his enthusiasm over the first Israeli investment by the world's largest private equity fund -- an investment in data security start-up WatchDox Ltd. in March. He told "Globes" during an interview at Blackstone's offices on Park Avenue in Manhattan, "It is going to become a billion-dollar company.

"We all agree that everything would be simpler if people were better," said Murphy. "In an ideal world, you'd leave your door open, but unfortunately, because of today's risks, you have to lock it." "Globes": Define "lock".

Murphy: "Let's say that there is a disgruntled employee at an enterprise who says, 'I don't like Bill. I'm going to send this document to "The New York Times" because it has unflattering material. The journalist receives the document, but thanks to WatchDox, he cannot read it. Here's another example: I am sure that you have documents from your previous workplace on your home PC, right It's quite common.