Statistical Computing and Graphics Language, R, Is Now Supported by JFrog Artifactory, Helping DevOps Teams Increase Data Scientist Productivity

The demand for data scientists and data analysts is steadily increasing, and they depend on R, as the leading statistical language. With the rise in R popularity, a growing number of data workers rely on CRAN, a package manager for R, with more than 10,000 packages to date. Now, a month after its Enterprise+ platform announcement, JFrog (, the DevOps technology leader, is announcing full support for deploying R packages to Artifactory.

Data Scientists using R rely on CRAN to store versions of code and documentation, requiring support from repository managers. To date, DevOps teams have serviced R users by storing versions of code and documentation on CRAN's global network. JFrog's universal repository manager enables DevOps teams to host internal R packages using local repositories to solve package dependency management challenges and enhance productivity for this booming community. Data scientists are no longer dependent on the network performance between data centers and external R repositories, creating a more secure version to host R packages in-house, with guaranteed access to a highly available binary repository.

"The new CRAN support continues to add to Artifactory's universal binary management vision," said Dror Bereznitsky, VP of Product at JFrog. "Artifactory integrates with your existing CI/CD ecosystem to support end-to-end binary management that overcomes the complexity of working with different software single package management systems, such as Docker, NPM and Maven, and provides consistency to your DevOps workflow. With support for R packages, JFrog empowers a new community of Data Scientists to take advantage of DevOps practices."

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