Walkme - the most promising Start-up of "Globes" 2016

It goes like this (or rather - it's not really going, and soon you will understand): We are using the site of the bank to take some action, such as ordering checkbooks or deposit some money, and soon we are lost and lose our patience. There are too many links, there are too many sub-links, there is too much "Next", and we have too little time. We do "Exit", and call the Bank's service center and respond as follows: "you know you can perform the operation on our website?

"Yes, I know, but is not really user-friendly," we answer and immediately soften our criticism: "I will try again next time." Maybe we'll try, but surely we will not resist someone will lead us in the site – this is the problem Walkme is answering-  the company came first in the ranking of the most promising start-up of "Globes" 2016.

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