Moovit launched “Moovit Carpool” in Rome

Moovit launched its collaborative travel service “Moovit Carpool” in Rome - the first time the service was launched abroad.

Moovit Carpool allows drivers to pick up random passengers and share travel expenses with them. Unlike services like Uber, it does not allow drivers to make an unlimited number of trips but only two a day - from home to work and back – neither to use it as a source of income (you can get paid just to cover the passenger proportion travel expenses).

The service was launched in Israel earlier this year as a closed pilot, and in September opened to all drivers in the state. A few days later, the pilot also began in Rome. "We have over a million users there, but the main reason is the cooperation with Roma Mobilità, urban transport regulator", said Moovit’s vice president of operations, Itay Gil. "We chose to enter to a cooperation with them because it promotes the common goal of both of us, to increase the use of public transportation. There is a body who shares our vision according to which carpool and public transportation are a winning combination, which encourages drivers to leave their car at home".  According to Gil, month and a half has passed since they launch of the pilot and the company received mostly positive responses and many drivers choose to take part in the platform. "Our focus now is to continue to develop the service and product in areas we see fit".

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