LoyalBlocks helps small businesses zap deals and rewards to customers’ smartphones

These days, the bargains are hunting you. Retailers and restaurants are honing in on regulars with the help of a New York City-based startup that beams deals and rewards right to their smartphone the minute they walk in the door.


The service, LoyalBlocks, launched in a pilot program early this year and has spread to more than 300 small businesses around the city.


It works like this: LoyalBlocks provides companies with an Android-based smartphone that sends out a signal to visitors who have downloaded the company's free app. Those customers immediately see discount offers pop up on their mobile device or get a punch on their virtual loyalty card when they stop by.


"We want it to be a seamless and frictionless experience for consumers," said the company's co-founder CEO, Ido Gaver. The goal: Get customers to keep coming back - and bring their friends

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