Gemini to Sponsor Israel Mobile Summit 2012 Mobile Monday Event

Gemini Israel Ventures is a proud Topaz sponsor of this year's Israel Conference, an annual event that pays homage to Israeli industry and takes place annually in Los Angeles, California. This is the fourth year that the conference will be held, and General Partner Eran Wagner is one of the conference's founders. This year, delegates from a large number of international companies will be present, most prominently from leading technology companies in the Silicon Valley and other key technological hotspots in the United States. In the venture capital space, Gemini is the sole Israel-focused sponsor, while members of Sequoia Capital and Blumberg Capital will be present to represent their respective sponsoring firms. 


General Partner Daniel Cohen will be present on Thursday, May 31, to lead the Fast & Cool segment of the days' events, which consists of selected Israel-related technology start-ups that will present throughout the day to the conference's full audience.