Águas de Cascais Rolls Out TaKaDu for Water Network Monitoring and Water Loss Reduction

The water utility pioneers the use of cloud computing for network efficiency in Portugal

 Águas de Cascais has announced today that it has rolled out an innovative Water Network Monitoring service provided by TaKaDu. This web-based service allows the water utility to detect leakage and network problems as they occur. Águas de Cascais is the first water utility in Portugal to adopt such a solution. The TaKaDu service analyzes data received from existing meters and sensors already installed in the AdC network, and identifies inefficiencies or faults before they escalate. Following a successful rollout during 2011, the entire network in theMunicipality of Cascais is now monitored via this remote service.

 Águas de Cascais holds the concession for the supply of water and wastewater for the Municipality of Cascais, with over 1,300km of drinking water mains. The company has been focused on improving network efficiency, reducing water losses and saving costs.